Library Adds Scopus: The Largest Database of Peer-reviewed Literature

Elsevier logo Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, including journal articles, books, patents and conference proceedings. This database provides comprehensive coverage of research output in the areas of science, technology, medicine, social science and arts and humanities. Scopus is also incredibly current – it’s the only leading database that is updated daily, rather than just weekly.

In addition, Scopus is a citation index, linking the references that articles and book chapters have cited with the source works, allowing users to search, discover and analyze patterns in how research is conducted. In particular, Scopus features bibliometrics tools to track citations over time for a set of authors or documents. Users can also view h-index (publication impact) for specific authors, assess trends in search results, analyze an author’s publishing output, and gain insight into a journal’s performance.

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