Turnitin Releases Significant Product Upgrade on August 8


If you used Turnitin in the past (either the stand-alone version via turnitin.com or from within Canvas), this is of interest to you.

Turnitin has released a significant product upgrade that will be available on August 8th. The new version of the service, called Turnitin Feedback Studio, offers all the functionalities of Turnitin with a simplified, more intuitive interface that integrates viewing the reports, grading, and adding comments. (You can continue to grade using Canvas Speedgrader or other means you now use; you do not have to use Turnitin grading feature.).

You can expect to see a new interface when you open up a student’s paper in Turnitin to see the similarity report. You will be able to toggle back to the old interface should you choose to do so. (More on that below.)

To get acquainted with the upgraded Turnitin Feedback Studio, you can:

Try out an interactive demo.

Review the Feedback Studio Instructor Guide.

Review the Feedback Studio Student Guide.

You can also choose to attend a free online training session on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm offered throughout the summer and into September.

The old version will be available through next July, should you want to stay with it. Those who use Turnitin within Canvas, you will be able to turn off the new version (or toggle back and forth between the two versions) when you have an originality report open.

Questions? Contact Inga Barnello at barnello@lemoyne.edu