Ignacio Asenjo Salcedo: Fossils from the Gutenberg Era

Artist Ignacio Asenjo Salcedo imagines a world several centuries into the future in which paper books are no longer a traditional means of entertaining or sharing information, but relics of a bygone era in world that has become all digital. An art teacher based in Madrid, Asenjo Salcedo uses sculpture to approximate what paper books might look like in their fossilized form in this civilization. Exhibition runs in the Wilson Art Gallery from August 27 – September 13, 2019 and may be viewed any time the Falcone Library is open.

Meet the artist for an opening reception on August 29, 5-7pm in the Wilson Art Gallery in the Falcone Library, followed by a talk by Spanish novelist and columnist Irene Vallejo about the future of the book and reading in the digital age at 7pm in the Writing Center of the library.