The Noreen Reale Falcon Library is now fines free

Overdue fees are a source of social inequity and creates a barrier to the access and use of information. This goes against the library’s mission to provide resources to foster inquiry, knowledge creation, and scholarly communication.

Research has shown that overdue fees are not an effective method of ensuring library materials are returned on time. The Le Moyne community is mindful of others’ needs to access these resources and we feel confident that this change will have little to no effect on when library materials are returned.

Additional Details:

  • Overdue fees will no longer accrue on materials returned after their due date and all existing overdue fees have been waived.
  • The library will still send notices for overdue materials. The first notice will be sent shortly after an item is due and will follow with a second overdue notice if the item is still not returned.
  • The library will eventually charge replacement fees for materials that have not been returned. However, those fees will be waived once the material is brought back and no overdue fees will be charged in its place.

Please direct any questions to the Library Services Desk. You can stop by in person or call 445-4330.