Proxy Server Down

The proxy server for all journals and databases has been down since late Friday. We have contacted our system vendor and they are investigating the cause and will restore service. No time estimate has been given.

In the meantime, there is a work-around if you are working on-campus or in the MyDesktop virtual desktop environment.

When a URL is sent to the proxy server, it contains the location for the resource you are trying to access inside a “wrapper” that includes information for how the proxy server should handle it.

For example, the proxied URL for ScienceDirect is:

Note the URL begins with an initial “0-” and ends with “”. If you are working on campus, and thus don’t require the proxy server for access, you can remove both of those fragments, leaving a URL like this:

This process can be automated using a “bookmarklet”, a small bit of JavaScript code that executes an instruction to your browser.

Drag the following link to your browser bookmark toolbar. It will remove the proxy information from proxied URLs so you are using the resource directly, without going through the proxy. This will only be helpful on-campus.

Drag this button to your bookmark toolbar: UnProxy This