Library Renovation Closures: Week of June 12-20

There will be asbestos abatement occurring in the back part of the Library on both floors that will affect access to those areas. The main impact will be the temporary loss of access to the computer cluster on the first floor from Monday, June 12 through Friday, June 16 and access to bookstacks PR 4964 – QA 89 on the second floor from Tuesday, June 13 through Thursday, June 20. Since access to these areas will only be barred for a week, we are not able to relocate these items.

We plan to change the status of material located in bookstacks PR 4964 – QA 89 to “unavailable” during this time period so any patrons in need of those books can submit Connect NY requests for them instead. Once we have access to that collection again we will change the status back to “available.” As for the computer cluster, you will still be able to use the workstations at the front of the library across from the Library Services Desk.